50 Years of Industry Experience

PayGO Distributors is well-versed in reaching and serving the prepaid & lifeline customer – regardless of the product or service. With 50 years of experience, we are confident in our understanding of the unique needs of the prepaid & lifeline consumer, their challenges, and how to capture their market share. Our knowledge benefits your organization’s bottom line.  Our services are designed to equip you with our expertise in order to help drive your sales, to exceed your goals and redefine success.


Whether you are a service provider or an independent sales agent, our distribution network will give you an advantage, through the utilization of both our support and years of experience. The intricate infrastructure we have developed is designed to create financial and operational advantages for service providers and independent distributors alike.

Expand Your Customer Base

As a service provider, PayGO has multiple channels to help your product reach the doorstep of prepaid & lifeline consumers.  Our access to a complex network of multi-chain retail stores, multi-unit housing management, and independent sales operators can quickly expand the reach of your product.


As an Independent Sales Operator, you can utilize PayGO’s ever-expanding product portfolio to expand your customer base by giving you the ability to offer even more than just lifeline – from prepaid Energy, Home Phone, Satellite/Cable to Internet and Bill Pay. Or allow PayGO to help you to expand within your current distribution marketplace through our suite of master/agent tools, including recruitment and inventory management.

Annual Lifeline Subscribers
Energy Customers
Field Agents
Major Markets Served


Nationwide Lifeline Distribution & Sales

We enable wireless service providers in the Lifeline Industry to quickly and efficiently grow their customer base by utilizing existing teams to distribute in approved markets. These independent sales agents are pre-qualified, with specialty experience in Lifeline compliance.

Preventative Health Screening

We support businesses who administer preventative health screenings through the on-boarding and training of agents within our network.

Nationwide Utility Distribution

Distribution of Energy, Cable, Satellite, Home Phone Service, and Internet through experienced teams allow your organization to penetrate specific markets quickly and easily.

Lifeline/Prepaid Phone Procurement & Inventory Management

PayGO is the only phone distributor capable of procuring, managing, and distributing its own mobile phone inventory.

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