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Lifeline Distribution – HOW WE DO IT

  • 1. Tell Us What Your Goals Are

  • 2. We'll Search Our Distributor Database

  • 3. We'll Project Sales & Expectations

  • 4. We Hire, Train & Test Field Agents

  • 4. We Bring You New Customers!


Lifeline Distributor

At PayGo, we specialize in recruiting, training, management, real-time review, compliance, and growth strategies and we are confident in our ability to be an invaluable resource to your organization. We do the work for you — locating goal-oriented, independent sales agents to help you further your business goals.

Our network is well-equipped to help organizations like yours get the best bottom line results. Currently, we primarily work with organizations within the following industries:

  • Utility Distribution
  • Lifeline Distribution
  • Health & Preventative Screening
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